List of online codes and binaries for Constrained Clustering/Semi-Supervised Clustering

Here I have gathered a list of available codes or binaries files which I hope to be helpful for future works. Some of the algorithms have several implementations; so I am including all of them. If you have new code or I have missed your code please let me know!

  1. C1-SC: Constrained 1-Spectral Clustering

    1. Paper: S. S. Rangapuram, and M. Hein. “Constrained 1-spectral clustering.” AISTATS. 2012.

    2. Code: MATLAB

  2. MWK-Means: Minkowski Weighted K-Means

    1. Paper: R. De Amorim, and B. Mirkin. “Minkowski metric, feature weighting and anomalous cluster initializing in K-Means clustering.” Pattern Recognition, 2012.

    2. Code: MATLAB + And needs this.

    3. More

  3. DistBoost:

    1. Paper: T. Hertz, A. Bar-Hillel, and D. Weinshall. “Boosting margin based distance functions for clustering.” ICML, 2004.

    2. Code: MATLAB

  4. CSP:

    1. Paper: X. Wang, I. Davidson. Flexible constrained spectral clustering. In KDD 2010.

    2. Code: MATLAB

  5. CCSR: Constrained Clustering via Spectral Regularization

    1. Paper: Zh. Li, , J. Liu, and X. Tang. “Constrained clustering via spectral regularization.”, CVPR 2009.

    2. Code: MATLAB

  6. LCVQE:

    1. Paper: D. Pelleg and D. Baras, “K-means with Large and Noisy Constraint Sets”, ECML, 2007.

    2. Code MATLAB (Thanks to Thiago Covões for sharing the code.)

  7. MPCKMeans:

    1. Paper: M. Bilenko, S. Basu, and R. J. Mooney. “Integrating constraints and metric learning in semi-supervised clustering.” ICML, 2004.

    2. Code: Java;

    3. Also I have written a MATLAB wrapper to access the Java code.

  8. CECM:

    1. Paper: V. Antoine, B. Quost, M.-H. Masson, T. Denœux. “CECM: Adding pairwise constraints to evidential clustering.” Fuzzy Systems, 2010.

    2. Code: MATLAB

  9. TVClust:

    1. Paper: Y. Liu. “Statistical modeling of heterogeneous data.” PhD Dissertation, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2013.

    2. Code: R (with MATLAB wrapper)

  10. RDP-means:

    1. Paper: D. Khashabi, J. Wieting, F. Liang, J. Y. Liu. With Side Information: From a Probabilistic Model to a Deterministic Algorithm"(http:arxiv.orgabs1508.06235).

    2. Code (containing some other methods as well): MATLAB

  11. CCCG: Constrained Clustering using Column Generation

    1. Paper: B. Babaki, T. Guns, and S. Nijssen. “Constrained clustering using column generation.” Integration of AI and OR Techniques in Constraint Programming. Springer International Publishing, 2014.

    2. Code: link